Are All Real Estate Agents The Same?

No, not all real estate agents are the same. Experience is key when interviewing a real estate agent. The real estate profession has a high turnover rate, because it's a very hard profession. AARP's February article called it a "Darwinian Profession" - survival of the fittest. Everyone should take time to interview several real estate agents and make sure you're getting one that 1 - Are they a  Full time agent. Yes that's right. Most real estate agents are part time, making it critical to represented by a full time agent 2- how many sales have they had in the past 12 months. Experience is key!!! 3 - how many years they've been in the real estate business 4 - do they have any admin to help you from contract to closing.....


This video has a link to several more interview questions for you to use when interviewing an agent to best represent you, one that will help you reach your real estate goals.


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