Buying a Home in Wilmington, NC


Step 1: Getting Pre-approved to buy a home in Wilmington, NC

·      This saves everyone a lot of time and heartache. It’s best to know what you can buy before you fall in love with a home.

·      Pre-approved means not only how much you can afford, but what type of loan you qualify for. This is determine what type of house you should be looking for (single family home, condo, in the city, fixer upper or not, etc)


Step 2: House Hunting for you next home in Wilmington, NC

·      Let the fun begin!


Step 3: Writing an Offer on a home in Wilmington, NC: 

Signing all the paperwork (Tons of paperwork)

·      Working With Real Estate Agents (pages 1-4): explains the difference in agency. Page 4 needs your signature.

·      Exclusive Buyers Agency: This shows that I work for you, however you don’t pay the commission (sellers always pay the realtor fees). This contract allows me to negotiate all aspects of the deal, from contract to closing. Initial the bottom of pages 1-3. On page 4, there are 3 places that need initialing (2 at the top and 1 at the bottom). Sign page 5.

·      Offer to purchase: Read over this carefully. Call me with any and all questions. Initial the bottom of pages 1-9, sign  page 10.

·      Residential property disclosure: Sign page 1, initial and date pages 2-4.

·      Mineral Rights disclosure


Step 4:  Contract to Closing on a home in Wilmington, NC:

·      Once buyer and seller have signed the offer, it becomes a “contract”.  At this time, call a lender and begin the loan process. They will need a copy of the contract. The lender will order the appraisal immediately


Step 5: Inspections, on your next home in Wilmington NC:

·      Home and Pest Inspection to be completed immediately. We’ve got a great inspector and can help you with this process.

·      Any other type of inspections you want, we can help you with; such as a surveyor.


Step 6: Going over the inspections and (if needed) negotiating a repair request on a home in Wilmington, NC


Step 7: Organizing the closing with the attorney to buy a home in Wilmington, NC


Best part is... The Jennifer Bullock Team is there to help you, the whole way, to buy a home in Wilmington, NC.