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The Home Buying Process is such an exciting time! It’s not every day you are able to find your new dream home in Wilmington, and get the ball rolling on officially making it yours! The Jennifer Bullock Team knows that while buying a home in Wilmington, is an exhilarating time, it can also seem overwhelming. For many people, this is one of the biggest investments they will ever make, and we want to ensure that you are “in the know” on all aspects of buying a home in Wilmington.

In Real Estate there are many terms that we throw around, that are not typical common knowledge. Throughout the years we have noticed the terms our Clients are questioning… So we created the top 5 most asked about buying a home in Wilmington. This list is the perfect Cheat Sheet for any Home Buyer in Wilmington.

Offer: An offer is when a potential Buyer is interested in a home, and conveys their interest in the property to their Agent. The Agent then contacts the Seller's Agent, with either a verbal or written offer. 

Contract: A Contract is created when both a Buyer and Seller agree to the terms of the property purchase and it has been reduced to writing.

Earnest Money: Typically known as “good faith” money, earnest money is a check written by the Buyer at contract acceptance, and is held in an escrow/trust account until Closing. It is used as a Buyer Credit at Closing.

Due Diligence Money: This is a check written by the Buyer and made directly to the Seller at contract acceptance. This is a common incentive, and is used to make an Offer stronger. It is used as a Buyer Credit at Closing.

Due Diligence Period: A set time in which the Buyer has the right to conduct any and all inspections. We usually refer to this time period as the time for negotiation, however at 5:00 pm on the set Due Diligence Date, everything is locked in and negotiation is over. 

The Jennifer Bullock Team provides our Clients who buying a home in Wilmington, with the cutting edge knowledge to make any Real Estate transaction a successful one!  Want more information regarding buying a home in Wilmington?

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