• Do ask Donors for gifted funds as soon as possible, if being used towards your downpayment.  Be sure to ask your Loan Officer about the steps and documentation needed for gifts.
  • Do stay current on all your payments.
  • Do Continue to use your credit cards as normal.  Changing your pattern could raise a red flag, causing your credit score to decrease.
  • Do wait to make any major purchases, such as a car or a boat, until after your loan has funded.



  • Don't keep cash in a safe or overseas account fi you plan to use these funds as a downpayment.
  • Don't close credit card accounts.  Keeping your accounts open after you have paid them off lowers your debt-credit ratio.  If you close credit card account, it may appear as your debt ratio has gone up.
  • Don't apply for new credit.  Multiple credit inquiries may hurt your score.
  • Don't make career moves.  Your mortgage lender must verify your employment, so its crucial to maintain your employment status.