Real Estate Market in Brunswick County

The real estate market in Brunswick County is on a positive up swing. If you look at just the amount of homes sold in 2015 vs 2016, we are up 3.7%. Meaning homes are selling for FASTER this year than 2015. This real estate market report for Brunswick County shows the amount of active listings from 2015-2016 has decreased from 8,575 to 8,054 (-6.1%).  What does that mean to you? The real estate market is now shifting for Brunswick County. There are less homes for sale (6.1% less than 2015), we are selling MORE homes (3.7%) and they are selling for or very close to listing price.

With the Brunswick County real estate market moving in such a positive direction the market absorption rate has lowered by nearly 26%.  So if no other homes got listed today in Brunswick County, we’d be out of homes to sell in just 6 months. That’s 3 months faster than 2015.

The real estate market in Brunswick County has had such a positive change. The number of homes sold has gone from 2,551 in 2015, to 2,676 in 2016. That is an increase of 4% and the homes keep getting sold faster.  Even the average sold price has increased from 2015, taking it from $273,508 in 2015 to $275,296 in 2016.  This put sellers at receiving 97% of their asking price, which is a 1% increase from 2015.  This speaks loudly of how well the Brunswick County Real Estate Market is doing and will continue to do.


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