Services You Need To Buy A Home


Wondering what services you need to buy a home in Wilmington NC?


Read below to see who the Jennifer Bullock Team prefers for the Home Buying Process. These are providers that the Jennifer Bullock Team has used in the past, and they have ALWAYS given our clients great results:



Guaranteed Rate

Adam Slack

Phone: (704) 242-4108


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Mark Milkes

Phone: (910) 777-0126


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Home/Pest Inspector:


Branson Pierce

Phone: (910) 617-3105



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Closing Attorney:

Eugene Davis

Address: 1612 Military Cutoff Road, Wilmington, NC 28403

Phone: (910) 256-0090



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With this list of Services You Need To Buy A Home, the Home Buying Process will be effortless!

Ready to buy a home? Let's find one! Here's a link of Homes For Sale in our beautiful area.

For more information on the Services You Need to Buy a Home or the Home Buying Process contact Jennifer Bullock at (910) 512-4080