Steps to Buying a Home in Wilmington NC

There are 5 easy steps to buying a home in Wilmington NC. Jennifer Bullock Team takes pride in helping people find the perfect home for their family.

STEP 1 in the home buying process:

Most important step in buying a home in Wilmington NC is to get pre qualified. Jennifer Bullock Team encourages people to use a NC lender, because they know more about the area and what is needed to buy a home in Wilmington. We have 2 lenders that we recommend, however you can use ANY lender you choose. 

STEP 2 in the home buying process:

Location - where do you want to buy a home? Let me know where you want to be, and I can customize a search just for you - with the exact location you are interested in. Not familiar with parts of town? Here's a map of the different zip codes and where they're located.

School District Map

FEMA Flood Zone Map

Definitions of the different Flood Zones

STEP 3 in the home buying process:

Finding the right now for you:

STEP 4: Understanding the Paperwork

Write an offer to purchase the home: Blank Offer to Purchase

Commonly Asked Questions regarding buying a home in Wilmington NC.

STEP 5: The Home Inspection

After everyone agrees and signs - we order home and pest inspection. We can order this for you, unless you already have your own inspector.

Time Frame - we can have you in your new home within 30-45 days!

Do you have any other questions for me? I'm the professional that will get all your questions answered immediately.