Tips for Buyers - Finding the Right Seller

There are many tips you are sure to hear while in the process of buying a home. One important tip for any buyer starts with the seller. When buying a home, it is of course important to consider who you’re buying from, and finding the right seller is an important part of making the buying process work best for you. But what makes the right seller?


The first step in finding the right seller is knowing about your seller.

Finding and knowing your seller can not only help you to achieve the best deal or your needs, but also avoid headaches and complications in the process. A highly motivated seller can be a great seller, presenting you with opportunities to snag a home faster and cheaper than when working with a less motivated seller. 


A good question to ask the seller, or to have your agent ask, is why they are selling their property. A highly motivated seller might be relocating soon for a new job or to alienate financial troubles. Some questions can also be answered without even asking. Is the seller a growing family in a small starter home? An elderly couple in a multi-story family home? Is the house empty and unfurnished? These are all clues that the seller is motivated to work fast, which can work to your advantage as the buyer.


 A time-motivated seller is a great opportunity for you, as the buyer, to get the property at or below market value. If they need to move fast, and you can make an offer, you have a better chance of them accepting. Whatever the reason they’re selling, the property owner has a problem they’re trying to solve, and if you can be their solution it can help you to make a quicker buy at a price that works for you.


There are some red flags to pay attention to, which could indicate that a seller’s motivations might not be in the right place. If the seller does not own the entire property or has outstanding liens against the property, it may be difficult to work through the buying process with them. If they continuously delay a move-in date, they may not be as motivated to sell as they seem. If they continuously push back home inspections, there may be problems with the property they have not yet or are unwilling to disclose. All of these potential hints are worth consideration as you work to find the right seller. 


Finding the right seller is one of the most important tips you can take to heart throughout the entire buying process.


Of course, there may be no such thing as the perfectly right seller, but taking the time to figure out which sellers are truly motivated and which are not can save you time, money, and headaches in the home buying process. Find the best seller and find the best deal that works for you and all of your home buying goals. 


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