Ways To Save You Thousands in Real Estate in Wilmington:


So excited that you're here with me. today, we are going to be going over the three tips to save you thousands when buying or selling real estate in the Wilmington area. So we have three quick tips for you to save you thousands of dollars.



First tip on ways to save you thousands when buying or selling real estate in Wilmington area:. When you write up your contract, make sure you have enough due diligence time to do all your inspections and your price the seller does not have to extend that date. And if you miss that date, you will lose tenths of thousands of dollars. You you lose not only your due diligence money, but your earnest money as well. So super important to upfront make sure you have that time frame adequate.


In Wilmington, I know it  takes us  twenty one days to get home inspections, pest inspections, HVAC inspections, and surveys, appraisals, anything we need done.  I had a buyer who just went under contract in the listing agent came back and wanted me to shorten the twenty one days to five days. And I quickly explained that we could not do that because at the end of those five days, you can ask the seller to extend that time frame, but they don't have to. And if sellers don't extend that date, then all of that earnest money is gone.So, tip number one, giving yourself enough time on the contract to do all the inspections and appraisals.



Second tip on ways to save you thousands when buying or selling real estate in Wilmington area;  if you don't want to sell your house,

don't sell your house. Holy cow. So many people right now are I just, you know, are kind of determining what to do. leverage your house. I've never met one person, and I've been doing the seventeen years, and I don't even know a couple of a couple of thousand homes by now. but I have never met one person that said, I really wish I did not sell that house.Everybody I've talked to says, including me, I remember that house about seven years ago that I only paid two hundred thousand for dang. I really wish I would have kept it. I am telling you to keep it, leverage it. You have a lot of equity in it more than likely. Real estate prices are still going up. As long as you have a lot of equity in it, there are tons of loan programs out there that you can use that equity down on a new home for you.

So I would say use the house that you're in, leverage it, keep it, and build your real estate dynasty. 



The third tip for you, on ways to save you thousands when buying or selling real estate in Wilmington area: don't wait. So if you are one of a lot of people that I was speaking to, that says, I am gonna wait for the market to go down in price. The market is not going down.


It is simple supply chain. Supply and  demand, our supply is really,

really low. The demand is really, really high. Tons of people are still moving here. I mean, we're like the top ten highest designation in the United States for inbound people to move. So everybody wants to live here. And our inventory is extremely low. If everything if nobody was to list from here on out, we would be out of inventory in thirty two days.

So our inventory is extremely low. So prices are not coming down. So if you're on the fence, you need to go ahead and buy now while you can afford interest rates, you know, they seem to be leveling off, like, right at five, ive and a half. But if you have any questions for me, comment below. I am am trying to talk fast, and I apologize only because everybody's telling me my videos for too long, so I'm trying to speed them up. But if you have any questions, message me. I am here to help you with all of your real estate needs and certainly look forward to it.


And I will see you next Thursday at "live "at 5:00pm