Before you List Your Home To Sale - A Fresh Coat of Paint


The list of what to do before putting your home on the market may seem long and daunting, but one of the cheapest and quickest ways to make an impact starts with a fresh coat of paint. Most experts in the housing market agree this relatively quick and easy task is one of the most effective ways to raise your sale price and sell faster. 


Giving the interior of your home a fresh coat of paint before showing it off to potential buyers can really have an impact on the desirability of the house. Newly painted walls give a fresh appeal, without chips or fading colors on the walls a house looks well-maintained. 


When selecting paint, choosing neutral colors is important, you may like a bright flamingo pink or aqua blue, but remember you want your home to appeal to the widest market of buyers. Picking lighter colors with a wide appeal will help raise your home’s desirability. Check out what’s trending, like light blues for bathrooms and light beige living rooms, to make the best color choices and the biggest impact. A new coat of paint on your home can help you to freshen up and redesign, adding value and appeal to your property. 


It may be simplest to paint the rooms in your house, from ceiling to walls, in the same shade, but with a little extra time and effort there are some tips to making a fresh make even more of an impact. Even just painting the ceiling a few shades lighter than the walls can make the ceilings look higher and the rooms bigger. It doesn’t take much to add some fresh paint and appeal to your home. 


If you chose to have a professional get the job done for you, the cost typically runs around $400 to $800 per room depending on the size. If you tackle the project yourself, you’ll need about two gallons of paint per 800 square foot room. At the cost of $15 to $40 per gallon of paint, it may cost some more of your time but you’ll save on money to spruce up your home with a fresh coat. Working with your budget and schedule, there’s plenty of options to get it all done. 


You may also consider giving the exterior of your home a new coat of paint before putting it on the market. Remember the importance of ‘curb appeal’, when you step across the street and look at your home, does it look faded or old? This may be a sign that a touch-up is needed. Even just painting your front door can make a big impact. The importance of first impressions rings true in real estate, and painting can help you to improve your home’s appeal and meet your real estate goals. 


Whether you decide to tackle the entire house, inside and out, or just touch-up the colors in your bedrooms, painting your home before listing is one of the ways to get the most bang for your buck when investing on improvements. History and experience shows that taking the time to paint can help you sell your home faster and for more. 

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