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April 26, 2022

What is due diligence fee?

what is the due diligence fee?


How do you buy a home? What are the stages of buying a home? And what is the most important thing that I need to know about buying a home in Wilmington? What is the due diligence fee? How does the due diligence fee differ from earnest money?


Hi, my name is Jennifer Bullock with Jennifer Bullock Team at RE/MAX Executive here in Wilmington, NC

I am here to tell you what you need to know on buying a home in Wilmington. Real estate 101 for the Wilmington, NC area.


First thing, the biggest part of our contract that people have a hard time, wrapping their head around, is the due diligence fee. This has been on our contract for several years, however, no one really used it until the market went crazy. So really,  people started using due diligence fee about 2 to 3 years ago. Now, it's on every one of our contracts.


So what is the due diligence fee? And what is Earnest Money? They are similar in that, as long as you buy the home, the due diligence fee and earnest money are applied to the purchase price of the home.  Once you go under contract, you have to write two checks; one for due diligence fee, one for earnest money. As long as you continue with buying your new home, then both of them are applied to the purchase price. For instance,  if you're spending $100,000 and you put $1,000 due diligence and $1,000 dollar earnest money. Then all the day of closing you owe $98.000 Pretty easy math. 


Then the question becomes, what is the difference in due diligence money versus earnest money? The difference is due diligence is a check or wired funds, but it is made out to the seller directly that money is non-refundable. Let me make that clear.  The due diligence is non-refundable. Earnest money is refundable as long as you terminate within the due diligence timeframe. Oh my, that's crazy, right?  Due diligence a timeframe and Due diligence fee.All of this and nobody has a clue what it means.


Due diligence timeframe is the amount of time that you have to do, all of your inspections, your appraisal,

review the paperwork, if your questions on zoning, handle the loan process. Anything that you need to do in order to buy the home is done within the due diligence time frame. It is a timeframe that you set with your agent. The typical due diligence timeframe in the Wilmington market is roughly 20-25 days.


Back to the due diligence fee. It is a check, money order, or wired funds that goes directly to the seller.

Non-refundable. So here are the questions everybody asks me. What if the house doesn't appraise?

Do I get my due diligence money back? The answer is no, you do not. Second question. What happens if something is crazy on the home inspection and it needs a hundred thousand dollars worth of

work and I'm only spending a hundred thousand dollars on it. What if I don't have the money to make the repairs and the seller refuses to do any of the work. Do I get the due diligence fee back?  Answer is no.


Basically, the only way that you would get the due diligence fee back when buying a home in the Wilmington area, is if the seller was in breach of the contract. Now, be clear. I am not an attorney. If you have attorney questions, I can give you a list of attorneys that we use, certainly.


But as far as the due diligence money versus the earnest money, the due diligence money is non-refundable, unless the seller terminates, or if the seller is in breach of the contract. The earnest money is refundable as long as you terminate within the due diligence period. Hopefully that clarifies it. Again, both of them come off the price of the house. You don't lose the money unless you terminate the contract.

The way the contract reads, the “due diligence deposit is the buyer's right to terminate the contract for any reason or no reason” as long as you do so within the due diligence time frame, and it must be in writing.


I have also attached Q & A for Due Diligence Fee I have gotten from the NC Real Estate Commission.

Because it is the number one thing that all buyers and sellers both have questions on.

So I am going to put that below and again, that's from the North Carolina real estate commissions,

with all the common questions and answers on due diligence fee in NC.


If you have any more detailed questions on the due diligence money, or the earnest money, please feel free to call, email, or text me. (910) 512-4080 JenniferBullock@HomesForSaleWilmington.com I'm certainly here and I would gladly help you with any questions you may have about buying or selling a home in Wilmington NC. Look forward to helping you buy a home and our  beautiful area.


Q & A on Due Diligence Fee from the NC Real Estate Commission



March 10, 2022

Capital Gains Tax in North Carolina

Capital Gains Tax in NC

What are the Capital Gains Tax in NC?

Had a ton of people call me in the past couple of months, asking me what are the capital gains taxes in NC and do they have to pay them? Now. Let me be clear. I am not a Tax Advisor.

I am not an attorney. I am not a CPA. However, I am a real estate agent.


So if anybody has invested in real estate, in the past year, in our area,

which is Wilmington, North Carolina. Homes, property have gone up on average 29% in the past 12 months.That's absolutely amazing.

It's astonishing that it has gone up that much.

However, if you're thinking about selling your home or property, how is that going to affect you?


What is capital gains in NC? Good question.


It is the profit that you have made on any investment in either a short-term

or long-term period of time, the taxes that you have to pay on that profit is called capital gains tax.

Your short term capital gains tax is if you have owned the property, one year or less. Long-term capital gains tax or two years or less that you’ve owned the property.

Now, how much money do you owe? What does that taxable amount?

That is the say, you paid $150,000 for home and you sold it for $200,000.

So that profit is a $50,000 margin. That is the amount that you'll be taxed on.

How much is that tax? That is a great question. I'm that is based on your filing status.

Meaning, if you're single, divorce,  file jointly, also depends on your income.


By now, I'm probably boring you to death. I'm kind of boring myself to death,

but I just want to kind of go over capital gains with you

and that how that affects the sale of your property. How to avoid it is, well not avoid it necessarily but exceptions. To the rule is what that $50,000 margin that we talked about earlier.

If You do $50,000 kitchen renovation, that is considered a Capital Improvement.


So that would affect how much money you owe because it kind of washes each other out.

It is if you are sewing and you have not lived in the house two consecutive years out of five years

and again where I got this information just basically searching the internet,

but if you want to know how this affects the sell your property or if you can sell,

or if it makes sense to sell. So, please call me.  Am I a Tax Advisor? No.  Am I an attorney?  No.  Yes,

you can buy. Yes, you can sell.

And yes, I'm here to help.

Please. Call me, email me, text me, any of your questions. (910) 512-4080



I would certainly love to help you figure out the best

way to maximize your personal wealth through homeownership.


I look forward to hearing from you.



May 18, 2020

Monday Market Update

Monday Market Update

Homes For Sale Wilmington, and the Jennifer Bullock Team, brokered by REMAX Executive prides themselves on keeping our clients current with the real estate market. The real estate market in constantly changing. It is very important if you are buying a home in Wilmington area, or selling a home in Wilmington area, to know what's happening.

Monday Market Update will be posted every Monday, with different Real Estate Statistics from Wilmington NC and our surrounding areas.

Real Estate Market in Wilmington NC

If you are interested in selling your home in Wilmington NC. Now is the time. Prices from 2019 to 2020 (YTD) have increased 4%, the number of days on the market has decreased 13%. So basically you can sell your home faster for more money!!

Homes For Sale Wilmington and Jennifer Bullock Team, brokered by REMAX Executive is here to help you sell your home faster and for more money!!

Call/Text Jennifer Bullock directly. Jennifer's personal cell phone is (910)512-4080


Sept. 9, 2019

Cheat Sheet For Every Home Buyer


The Perfect  Cheat Sheet for Every Home Buyer!!

Homes For Sale In Wilmington


The Home Buying Process is such an exciting time! It’s not every day you are able to find your new dream home in Wilmington, and get the ball rolling on officially making it yours! The Jennifer Bullock Team knows that while buying a home in Wilmington, is an exhilarating time, it can also seem overwhelming. For many people, this is one of the biggest investments they will ever make, and we want to ensure that you are “in the know” on all aspects of buying a home in Wilmington.

In Real Estate there are many terms that we throw around, that are not typical common knowledge. Throughout the years we have noticed the terms our Clients are questioning… So we created the top 5 most asked about buying a home in Wilmington. This list is the perfect Cheat Sheet for any Home Buyer in Wilmington.

Offer: An offer is when a potential Buyer is interested in a home, and conveys their interest in the property to their Agent. The Agent then contacts the Seller's Agent, with either a verbal or written offer. 

Contract: A Contract is created when both a Buyer and Seller agree to the terms of the property purchase and it has been reduced to writing.

Earnest Money: Typically known as “good faith” money, earnest money is a check written by the Buyer at contract acceptance, and is held in an escrow/trust account until Closing. It is used as a Buyer Credit at Closing.

Due Diligence Money: This is a check written by the Buyer and made directly to the Seller at contract acceptance. This is a common incentive, and is used to make an Offer stronger. It is used as a Buyer Credit at Closing.

Due Diligence Period: A set time in which the Buyer has the right to conduct any and all inspections. We usually refer to this time period as the time for negotiation, however at 5:00 pm on the set Due Diligence Date, everything is locked in and negotiation is over. 

The Jennifer Bullock Team provides our Clients who buying a home in Wilmington, with the cutting edge knowledge to make any Real Estate transaction a successful one!  Want more information regarding buying a home in Wilmington?

Call or text Jennifer Bullock at (910) 512-4080.

Jennifer Bullock Team is looking forward to helping you find a home in Wilmington

#JenniferBullock #HomesForSaleWilmington #BuyingAHome

@JenniferBullock @HomesForSaleWilmington @BuyingAHome

Aug. 6, 2019

Before you List Your Home To Sale - A Fresh Coat of Paint



Before you List Your Home To Sale - A Fresh Coat of Paint


The list of what to do before putting your home on the market may seem long and daunting, but one of the cheapest and quickest ways to make an impact starts with a fresh coat of paint. Most experts in the housing market agree this relatively quick and easy task is one of the most effective ways to raise your sale price and sell faster. 


Giving the interior of your home a fresh coat of paint before showing it off to potential buyers can really have an impact on the desirability of the house. Newly painted walls give a fresh appeal, without chips or fading colors on the walls a house looks well-maintained. 


When selecting paint, choosing neutral colors is important, you may like a bright flamingo pink or aqua blue, but remember you want your home to appeal to the widest market of buyers. Picking lighter colors with a wide appeal will help raise your home’s desirability. Check out what’s trending, like light blues for bathrooms and light beige living rooms, to make the best color choices and the biggest impact. A new coat of paint on your home can help you to freshen up and redesign, adding value and appeal to your property. 


It may be simplest to paint the rooms in your house, from ceiling to walls, in the same shade, but with a little extra time and effort there are some tips to making a fresh make even more of an impact. Even just painting the ceiling a few shades lighter than the walls can make the ceilings look higher and the rooms bigger. It doesn’t take much to add some fresh paint and appeal to your home. 


If you chose to have a professional get the job done for you, the cost typically runs around $400 to $800 per room depending on the size. If you tackle the project yourself, you’ll need about two gallons of paint per 800 square foot room. At the cost of $15 to $40 per gallon of paint, it may cost some more of your time but you’ll save on money to spruce up your home with a fresh coat. Working with your budget and schedule, there’s plenty of options to get it all done. 


You may also consider giving the exterior of your home a new coat of paint before putting it on the market. Remember the importance of ‘curb appeal’, when you step across the street and look at your home, does it look faded or old? This may be a sign that a touch-up is needed. Even just painting your front door can make a big impact. The importance of first impressions rings true in real estate, and painting can help you to improve your home’s appeal and meet your real estate goals. 


Whether you decide to tackle the entire house, inside and out, or just touch-up the colors in your bedrooms, painting your home before listing is one of the ways to get the most bang for your buck when investing on improvements. History and experience shows that taking the time to paint can help you sell your home faster and for more. 

Do you need help staging your home to sell quickly? Call or text Jennifer Bullock Team and we'll send over a quick video that discusses the 6 things to get your home ready to sell (910)512-4080

If you'd like our list of contractors, from Painters to electricians, we have a working list ready to share with you. Just let us know and Jennifer Bullock Team will email it over JenniferBullock@HomesForSaleWilmington.com

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Aug. 3, 2019

Buyer Spotlight - Real Story- Alden Hobbs

Buyer Spotlight - Alden Hobbs

To Jennifer Bullock one of the most rewarding parts of working in real estate is using her expertise and knowledge of the Wilmington area to help clients find the perfect home. As she and her team help clients to meet their real estate goals and become a part of her community, many of these people and their stories stick with them. We look forward to sharing some of our favorite client stories with you through this blog.

Alden Hobbs and his parents were one such memorable client of Jennifer Bullock and her team at RE/MAX Executive. Alden was finishing his service in the military and preparing to move back to Wilmington, where he wanted to find a home for him and his girlfriend. Before he came home, his family was already working on how to help their well-deserving son find his new home.

Alden’s mother​ ​and father wanted to help Alden to have a special homecoming by getting a head start on helping him to find the perfect home. They worked with Jennifer for weeks leading up to Alden’s return as she lent her experience and knowledge of the area to help them find several great choices of new homes.

With their hard work, Alden had three great homes to look at upon his homecoming. With the help of his parents and Jennifer Bullock, she soon found the perfect fit for him and his girlfriend to move into. Settling on a beautiful newly constructed home in Leland, Alden now enjoys the best of it all. He’s loving living in a new home in a friendly community, still close to all the education, entertainment, and opportunities of Wilmington.

Starting this new chapter of his life, location was important to Alden. His new home is just over the bridge from downtown Wilmington, close to all of the entertainment in this vibrant community. He and his girlfriend enjoy being just a short drive away from all the great restaurants, nightlife, music, and more that downtown Wilmington has to offer.

Alden also now enjoys being just a short drive away from Cape Fear Community College, which he now attends. Living in his new home in this community is helping Alden to achieve his higher education goals, as he works on transferring to UNCW soon to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree. With her background in Education, Jennifer was able to help Alden and his family find the perfect home in a location that would help him to achieve these goals.


Alden is loving life in his new Wilmington home. He and his girlfriend have found their happily ever after as they’ve settled into life together in this new home and community. If you too are looking for a new home in Wilmington, reach out to Jennifer Bullock and her team to see how they can help you find your very own happily ever after.

Jennifer Bullock (910)512-4080 JenniferBullock@HomesForSaleWilmington.com


July 26, 2019

Steps to Buying a Home in Wilmington NC

Steps to Buying a Home in Wilmington NC

There are 5 easy steps to buying a home in Wilmington NC. Jennifer Bullock Team takes pride in helping people find the perfect home for their family.

STEP 1 in the home buying process:

Most important step in buying a home in Wilmington NC is to get pre qualified. Jennifer Bullock Team encourages people to use a NC lender, because they know more about the area and what is needed to buy a home in Wilmington. We have 2 lenders that we recommend, however you can use ANY lender you choose. 

STEP 2 in the home buying process:

Location - where do you want to buy a home? Let me know where you want to be, and I can customize a search just for you - with the exact location you are interested in. Not familiar with parts of town? Here's a map of the different zip codes and where they're located.


School District Map

FEMA Flood Zone Map

Definitions of the different Flood Zones

STEP 3 in the home buying process:

Finding the right now for you: www.HomesForSaleWilmington.com

STEP 4: Understanding the Paperwork

Write an offer to purchase the home: Blank Offer to Purchase

Commonly Asked Questions regarding buying a home in Wilmington NC.

STEP 5: The Home Inspection

After everyone agrees and signs - we order home and pest inspection. We can order this for you, unless you already have your own inspector.

Time Frame - we can have you in your new home within 30-45 days!

Do you have any other questions for me? I'm the professional that will get all your questions answered immediately. 

(910)512-4080    JenniferBullock@HomesForSaleWilmington.com

July 24, 2019

Your Realtor, Jennifer Bullock Reviews

Are You Are Next Real Estate Success Story?! 


Testimonials From Raving Fans...


Why choose Jennifer Bullock to be your next Real Estate Agent? Well… we could list millions of reasons why; but don’t take our word for it, take theirs….


“Jennifer was awesome! She was quick to get back to us on any questions and very knowledgeable. She knows the area and she is definitely on your side during the whole process. She’s not afraid to let you know when a deal isn’t so good and she also knows how to get some good deals. She’s wonderful  and an extremely kind woman to work with. Highly recommended! - Joe P.


“Jennifer was fabulous to work with. She really took the time to get to know us and what we wanted. She was patient and very helpful every step of the way. Would highly recommend Jennifer for any future home buyers.” - Courtney P.


“After a terrible realtor experience the first time I bought my house years ago, I have to say that I was nervous. BUT the instant I met with Jennifer I knew that I was in good hands! Jennifer made our home buying experience a breeze! She was on top of everything and was sure that we knew what to  expect each step of the way. She was honest and upfront about all aspects of the process. She figured out very quickly what we were looking for and helped us find just the right home! I knew that she had our back. I will 100% use her in the future.” - Joey F.


“Jennifer was a terrific help during our condo purchase process.  We purchased a property that was located a distance from our home, and her understanding of the local market and vendors was invaluable.  If we are shopping in the Wilmington market in the future, we will call Jennifer first thing.” - Heather F. 


“Jennifer helped us through the entire process of buying a house.  She is very knowledgeable about the local Wilmington area and was there supporting us from the beginning.  She picked up very quickly on our style of house that we wanted. In addition, she was able to give me contacts for people  such as painters, roofers, lawn maintenance, etc. which is extremely helpful since I am not from the Wilmington area. I would definitely recommend Jennifer as a realtor to anyone looking for a home in the area!” - Mike S.


“Jenn helped us purchase our new home during 2017/2018. She is a knowledgeable, responsive and dedicated real estate agent. When there were issues with our knew build Jenn was right there taking pictures and contacting the listing agent  to make things right. She will go the extra mile for you and I highly recommend her.” - Kelly G.


“This is my second transaction using Jennifer, one as a seller and one as a buyer, and I couldn't be happier.  There were several potential problems that surfaced between offer and close (one a deal-breaker) and Jennifer solved each with a cool head, immediate response and without breaking a sweat. Her team is awesome and she truly makes you believe that you are her only client.  We LOVE her!” - Mike L.


Still don’t believe us?? Click here to view even more Reviews for Your Realtor, Jennifer Bullock:





July 11, 2019

Just listed in Plantation Landing


Just Listed in Plantation Landing ~ 8801 Tilbury Drive

Just listed in Plantation Landing in Wilmington NC is a beautiful home Tucked back in the preferred ''Sagewood'' section of Plantation Landing, 4 bedroom 3.5 bath, 3400-3500 sq ft, home with a rocking chair front porch. This home features timeless finishes that will ensure it's classic status for years to come. Open floor plan, with vaulted ceilings and walls of windows that bring in the sun to highlight the gorgeous hardwood floors, elegant staircase, and built-in shelves. The kitchen features granite counter tops, tile backsplash, a large pantry, gas range and breakfast nook. In addition to the living room, there is a cozy family room, located just off the kitchen that opens to a screened in porch, large deck; all overlooking the privacy of the landscaped backyard. This community also offers a pool, tennis and clubhouse.

Homes For Sale In Plantation Landing

If you'd like to see this home, or any other home for sale in Plantation Landing just call, email or text Jennifer Bullock (910) 512-4080 JenniferBullock@HomesForSaleWilmington.com 

Homes For Sale Wilmington ~ Jennifer Bullock Team with RE/MAX Executive gets homes SOLD  Marketing Plan to Sell Homes


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July 11, 2019

Tips for Buyers - Finding the Right Seller

Tips for Buyers - Finding the Right Seller

There are many tips you are sure to hear while in the process of buying a home. One important tip for any buyer starts with the seller. When buying a home, it is of course important to consider who you’re buying from, and finding the right seller is an important part of making the buying process work best for you. But what makes the right seller?


The first step in finding the right seller is knowing about your seller.

Finding and knowing your seller can not only help you to achieve the best deal or your needs, but also avoid headaches and complications in the process. A highly motivated seller can be a great seller, presenting you with opportunities to snag a home faster and cheaper than when working with a less motivated seller. 


A good question to ask the seller, or to have your agent ask, is why they are selling their property. A highly motivated seller might be relocating soon for a new job or to alienate financial troubles. Some questions can also be answered without even asking. Is the seller a growing family in a small starter home? An elderly couple in a multi-story family home? Is the house empty and unfurnished? These are all clues that the seller is motivated to work fast, which can work to your advantage as the buyer.


 A time-motivated seller is a great opportunity for you, as the buyer, to get the property at or below market value. If they need to move fast, and you can make an offer, you have a better chance of them accepting. Whatever the reason they’re selling, the property owner has a problem they’re trying to solve, and if you can be their solution it can help you to make a quicker buy at a price that works for you.


There are some red flags to pay attention to, which could indicate that a seller’s motivations might not be in the right place. If the seller does not own the entire property or has outstanding liens against the property, it may be difficult to work through the buying process with them. If they continuously delay a move-in date, they may not be as motivated to sell as they seem. If they continuously push back home inspections, there may be problems with the property they have not yet or are unwilling to disclose. All of these potential hints are worth consideration as you work to find the right seller. 


Finding the right seller is one of the most important tips you can take to heart throughout the entire buying process.


Of course, there may be no such thing as the perfectly right seller, but taking the time to figure out which sellers are truly motivated and which are not can save you time, money, and headaches in the home buying process. Find the best seller and find the best deal that works for you and all of your home buying goals. 


2 minute video with more tips for buyers Home Buying Process


Interested in buying a home in one of Wilmington's Most Popular Neighborhoods? Here are the top 10, based on number of sales in the past 6 months Top 10 Neighborhoods in Wilmington


Jennifer Bullock Team has helped over 700 families find their home. With over 15 years of experience in helping buyers find their home, and being a native of Wilmington NC, Jennifer Bullock knows the area, knows the school districts, and knows how to put their clients first. When you are ready to buy a home in Wilmington please reach out to Jennifer Bullock directly. Cell phone: (910) 512-4080 

Email: JenniferBullock@HomesForSaleWilmington.com


Homes For Sale in Wilmington Priced $200,000 - 300,000


Homes For Sale in Wilmington Priced $300,000 - 500,000


Homes For Sale in Wilmington with 4 bedrooms


Homes For Sale in Wrightsville Beach


Homes For Sale in Carolina Beach


Jennifer Bullock Team w RE/MAX Executive look forward to helping find the right seller to buy from.